Investment and Strategic Partners

EGF has the worldwide perpetual license and exclusive rights to market and install our innovative technology, which has proven to produce the cheapest hydrogen, oxygen and ethanol.

Our Technology has Many Applications.

Any interested, qualified, accredited investor (or their representatives) seeking an opportunity to become involved in the next generation Renewable Energy technology working in the clean energy sectors should consider investing in Eco Global Fuels.

Eco Global Fuels is an early stage company currently seeking investment. We are open to ideas in licensing, networking, product and project development along with project management. We are interested in joint ventures in the mining, coal/gas refineries and the renewable energy sectors.

  • Install
  • License
  • Manufacture 
  • Joint venture

We have already submitted reports to produce Ethanol using a Geo-thermal source, reduce CO2 emissions by providing pure oxygen to coal/gas turbines, and to bolt onto existing power/energy sources to generate Hydrogen, Oxygen and Ethanol.

We have submissions to some of the largest mining companies in the world seeking their interest in our mining and mineral ore separation technology.

If you have the passion and motivation to be active in a better world, we at Eco Global are sure we will find a place somewhere for you to fit in.

Interested parties should contact Roger Green

Investment Rollout

All seed capital investors involved with the prototype construction and business development are rewarded with being first key investors in all future Global refinery and mining projects. 

Investment Structure

Start up seed capital, is required to enter into full operational business development and to construct a scaled up prototype for government agencies to sign off on safety factors and maintenance manuals.  This prototype is used as the template for further scaled up refineries, to be constructed anywhere in the world. It serves as a functioning working example, making Ethanol, Oxygen and Hydrogen and generating renewable electricity

Investment Rollout

Eco Global Fuels is currently seeking visionary environmentally aware investors to help us realize our goal of delivering renewable liquid transportation fuels at a competitive price and reducing the carbon emissions that threaten our planet.
Seed capital is necessary for advancing this renewable fuel format forward.

As an investor in Eco Global Fuels, you will play a crucial role in:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere
  • Reversing the greenhouse effect
  • Improving the quality of the air
  • Reducing dependency on the planet’s dwindling supply of fossil fuels like oil and coal
  • Producing transportation fuels that are sustainable, renewable and 100% carbon-neutral
  • Priming an emerging market for exponential growth
  • Supporting all forms of renewable energy development
  • Leaving a legacy that improves the lives of millions of people
  • Bringing forward the Age of Eco Global Fuels