Clean Energy Evolution

Our Technology Immediately Addresses Significant Problems

  • Waste CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • The Need for Renewable Carbon Neutral Transport Fuels.

Carbon dioxide (from CO2 emitting industries such as gas fields and coal power stations) is combined with EGF’s hydrogen along with known industrial catalysis, to produce Ethanol at competitive wholesale market prices.

  • It is distributed by using existing delivery infrastructure.
  • It is 100% carbon neutral.
  • It is 100% renewable.
  • It is the only process of its kind in the world

The Key problems

  • Fossil fuels are finite, getting more and more expensive and have reached their ‘peak’
  • Fossil fuels create air and environmental pollution, global warming and dependence on imports.
  • It is predicted that energy demand will increase 63% over the next 20 years.
  • Soaring energy prices threaten our economic development
  • Bio-Fuels are not carbon-neutral, use food and other resources, and basically are not cost effective
  • Governments are demanding that renewable carbon-neutral transport fuels like Ethanol be added into petrol stocks in the range of between 10- 80 % within the next few years. (Some countries such as Brazil already use 100% Ethanol in their vehicles)
  • Many new forms of energy being developed do not have an infrastructure to support them
  • Release of CO2 into the air contributes greatly to global warming
  • Global Kyoto agreements are forcing governments and industry to DO SOMETHING about the CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, which will cost billions- a significant cost burden to all western economies....

There is simply is no known economic method of Sequestering that works... until now!

The Eco Global Fuel solution has developed a process that takes waste CO2 gas emissions from coal/oil/gas/industry and converts it into renewable carbon neutral Ethanol, which we have branded as Solanol.  It utilizes CO2 and solar (or geothermal, wind etc.) renewable power along with water that is channeled into our Hydroxy Generator technology, which produces the cheapest Hydrogen in the world, and along with catalyst and known industrial processes.

To produce a fuel everyone can use... ETHANOL we use water. We can also use seawater and dirty / gray water if necessary as filtering with reverse osmosis systems are now efficient and cost effective. Filtering hardly adds any cost to the overall process.

We run water through our Hydroxy Generator systems powered directly by solar, wind, geothermal or any renewable energy source, which breaks the bonds between (H) and (O) and which is our IP, patentable, the most cost efficient in the world and...

  • It has been proven to scale up economically 
  • It is reliable, durable
  • It does not need expensive exotic materials to build it
  • It does not use diaphragms that need replacing and which clog up
  • It is a quarter of the price of any other known electrolysis process.

Our Technology dramatically helps to deal with the problem of sequestering, Kyoto economics and global warming.

In fact- it is the solution!

Our key strategy

  1. Hydrogen & Oxygen

    Make hydrogen and oxygen from water- without much energy required and with no mess.
  2. Smart Methods & Existing Infrastructure

    We don’t need to store hydrogen, which is dangerous, volatile and has no infrastructure - because we convert it immediately into transport fuels like Ethanol that can be stored, transported and use existing infrastructure.
  3. Ecologically Sound Footprint

    We build this on cheap un-farmable land, including deserts, arid and unused industrial land anywhere in the world.
  4. Geothermal Implementation

    We can also build next to remote Geothermal plants where there is no infrastructure to carry electricity, as we will convert their energy into liquid alcohol fuels that can be transported out.
  5. Win/Win Symbiotic Systems

    We can also locate next to smoke stack industries such as coal and gas power plants to supply them with pure oxygen -rather than their present system of using air hence, causing Nitrogen being released into atmosphere, and use their CO2 emissions for our water to ethanol process.
  6. The Cheapest Hydrogen in the World

    The electrolysis process is economic (the cell last 25 years!) and has been independently validated
  7. Cost Competitiveness

    Our transport fuel refineries can compete with petroleum on a cost basis, as well as our branded ethanol called SOLANOL can compete with corn/sugar ethanol, without government subsidies and it is completely carbon neutral, renewable and does not use food.
  8. Oxygen as an added value by-product

    We separate the hydrogen from the oxygen, using the known industrial process of cryogenic separation, and we SELL the oxygen onto the market place as an added by- product. For each litre of Solanol, we also produce 8 Kg of quality oxygen, which of course can also be sold to smoke stack industries.