CO2 Sequestering


Because we produce pure oxygen as a by-product of our hydrogen production from water, we can inject pure oxygen into the coal/oil/gas electrical turbines rather than using AIR - which contains impurities and high amounts of NITROGEN

Because of our unique, cheap production of OXYGEN Flu gases now consist of pure CO2 / no nitrates

  • We will use pure oxygen
  • Which then makes a pure carbon black product
  • Which means MASSIVE SEQUESTERING for the fossil fuel industries

Converted into stable carbon products:

  • Olefins-plastics
  • Formaldehyde, paints etc.
  • Carbon black - e.g. car and truck tires
  • Carbon fertilizers
  • Carbon graphite

Keeps the carbon / CO2 on the ground and not in the atmosphere.

The National market requires 718 million tons of EGF O2 annually for all industries. 
One hydroxy generator creates: 85 Litres of oxygen per KW-hr


  • Atmosphere; increased CO2 causes greenhouse effect
  • Gas fields- massive emissions of relatively pure CO2
  • 1000’s of coal stations
  • Over 370 in the USA
  • Other polluting industries
  • All needing to be less CO2 producers
  • Most Governments have signed or want to sign Kyoto agreements


  • 28 Billion ton’s is a big number
  • It is the amount of sediment eroded each year from all mountains
  • And it is the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) we pump into atmosphere each year
  • Enough to cover Australia in a blanket two metres thick
  • Each year 28 Billion Tons of CO2 induces heating
  • Oceans now heating at a rate of 300 trillion watts
  • Equivalent to denoting 5 Hiroshima A-bombs every second Every day of every year inducing the greenhouse effect
  • Energy use is increasing exponentially So how will we cater for our future energy needs?


The first logical priority is to produce carbon neutral alcohol SOLANOL fuels. This will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide now released into the atmosphere by one third e.g. the combustion and production of Solanol is nontoxic and produces no containments to pollute the atmosphere or the environmental, ecological of planet Earth. Because all the elements necessary to synthetically produce Solanol, are a cyclical, CO2 recycled, o2 recycled, h2O recycled.

The remaining two thirds of carbon dioxide now released into the atmosphere are produce by natural gas and coal fired power plants.
China, India, and other nations rapidly increase their demand for fossil fuels, future fighting over energy and fuels looms large. In the meantime, the 328 coal fired power plants, and 321 natural gas fired plants in the US as well as vehicles everywhere, continue to pour 6.35 billion tonne / 7 billion ton of pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere annually threatening the planet.

Unfortunately there is 700 years of coal reserves remaining to be utilized. The burning of coal will not stop in the foreseeable future, therefore;
ECO GLOBAL FUELS produces for every 1 kg of Hydrogen, 8 kg of PURE OXYGEN. The consequences of this novel industrial hydrogenation process results in the creation of the most cost- effective in-situ supply of pure commodity hydrogen and pure commodity oxygen in the world.
Because of these gas ratios a major revenue stream can be developed by on selling the commodity enviro-oxygen to coal and gas fired power stations.

If the Coal Industry used PURE OXYGEN from our solanol process- it would clean up its act DRAMATICALLY

Currently national (international) coal and gas-fired power stations have an inherent environmental impediment that being the 300 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in emitted into the atmosphere annually. The cost of removing this carbon dioxide component vented from the flu gases is a major technical-cost-deficit problem.

This will be overcome by introducing enviro-oxygen, which is a surplus by-product of the Solanol fuel process, to combust with coal or gas fired power stations instead of with air.

The flu gases produced by coal and natural gas fired power stations utilizing enviro-oxygen, will now consist of mainly carbon dioxide that can be converted into stable carbon produces such as;

  • Olefin
  • Formaldehyde
  • Carbon black
  • Carbon fertilizer
  • Carbon graphite
  • And other products that will not produce air-born carbon dioxide.

This national market will require 218 million tonne / 240ton of enviro-oxygen annually.

Carbon dioxide extraction process

Solanol fuel is combusted and the emissions are released and then the CO2 is re captured to produce Solanol fuel once again, it creates a carbon dioxide recycle, in the atmosphere, and is the only recycling fuel matrix-model that imitates nature exactly-as it is in nature: by absorbing, storing, and releasing, but acknowledging at all times, the environment with economic growth in a global system that combats global warming and climate change.