Tar Sands Oil Separation

The cheap and efficient use of burning hydrogen from EGF technology can be used for the massive amount of energy required to separate oil from tar sands, rather than the methane presently used.

Fact: The Tar Sands is the largest oil field in the entire world. Tar Sands have many problems. They use expensive heavy equipment along with the consumption of massive amounts of natural gas. Canada is the world’s 8th largest greenhouse gas emitter.

For example: Syncrube 

1 Bcf/day in 2007 = $5MM/day= $1.8 B/year

Fact: Tar is viscous. It will only flow when heated. Hot water is used to heat the tar. Natural gas is burned to heat the water.
Methane’s gross heat combustion is 891 kJ/mol
Hydrogen gross heat combustion is 242-286 kJ/mol

Why not heat the water, with hydrogen generated on the site!
1 Litre of water gives 2700 litres of hydrogen, which is much cheaper than natural gas and has no carbon greenhouse gas emissions

You can generate it on demand; there is no need for storage, and no need for transportation (natural gas is transported hundreds of miles in some instances)

Syncrube spends $1.3 B on natural gas at $5 / mcf yearly
Hydrogen costs $188 M at $2 / mcf yearly and 3.68 x vol.

That is a saving of $1.1 Billion per year!

Our technology brings impressive savings industry can take to the bank; better still, the environment receives significant reductions in damaging impacts from the extraction processes.