Hydrogen & Oxygen

EGF Hydrogen and Oxygen Production per Kg of Hydrogen

  • H2=1Kg
  • O2=8Kg
  • We require 9kg water (H20)
  • We need 75 kWh to produce 1kg of pure hydrogen
  • We also produce 8kg of pure Oxygen

Hydrogen is one of the building blocks of all our chemicals and fuels & is used extensively in...

  • Chemical production
  • Fertilizers
  • Mining
  • Mineral ore separation
  • Steel making
  • New hydrogen economy
  • Combined CO2 & catalyst making ETHANOL/SOLANOL


  • EGF creates oxygen at a ratio of 8:1
  • 8 parts Oxygen to one part Hydrogen
  • Oxygen is currently selling at US $200 per ton
  • One Hydroxy Generator creates 85 Litres of oxygen per KW hr!

Because of our unique, cheap production of oxygen, gas/oil flu gases can now consist of pure CO2 (without nitrogen) a pure CO2 “Carbon Black Product” This is converted into stable carbon products such as:

  • Olefin for Fiber
  • Formaldehyde
  • Carbon black car/truck tires
  • Carbon fertilizers
  • Carbon graphite
  • Keeps the CO2 on the ground and not in the atmosphere