About Eco Global Fuels

The global energy sector now has access to a variety of green technologies such as solar, wind, hydro and geotermal. While renewable, these sources of energy have never been applied to the production of carbon neutral liquid transport fuels . . . until now.

We are Eco Global Fuels, a pioneer in the production of 100% renewable, alcohol-based transportation fuels.

Decades of research have enabled us to harness the power of water and sunlight for the manufacture of hydrogen in the most efficient, inexpensive and ecologically sound manner ever created.

When combined with carbon dioxide extracted from the atmosphere, this hydrogen is immediately converted into an alcohol-based liquid fuel for safe and reliable transport.

Eco Global Fuels has developed a suite of clean technologies that will revolutionize the production and distribution of liquid transport fuels. These include:

  • A method of electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water that is the most efficient and cost-effective of its kind
  • A method of extracting carbon dioxide emissions from coal/gas industries
  • A method of combining normally vented carbon dioxide with hydrogen to produce energy-efficient liquid alcohol transportation fuels. Under the brand name of Solanol™, these renewable, sustainable, and 100% carbon-neutral transportation fuels will be designed and hydrogenated specifically for all sectors of the transport industry.

Like gasoline, Solanol can easily be utilized into the existing marketing and technical infrastructure.

The same amount of carbon dioxide extracted from the atmosphere to make Solanol is emitted back into the atmosphere via combustion forming an "eco-loop" that makes Solanol carbon neutral.

This is a one-of-a-kind recycling fuel matrix model that imitates nature. When Solanol™ is burned, balanced quantities of oxygen, water and carbon dioxide are recycled back into the atmosphere (as opposed to fossil fuel feed stocks, which consist of harmful greenhouse gas emissions).

But what makes our manufacturing process truly revolutionary is the fact that we can economically utilize concentrated carbon dioxide as feedstock extracted from the atmosphere to create carbon neutral liquid fuels. Solanol.

Eco Global Fuels is directly benefiting not only the environment but industries wishing to reduce their production of greenhouse gases in accordance with the terms of the Kyoto treaty and a December 2009 decarbonization debate in Copenhagen.

About Roger G. Green

Roger G. Green
Founder and CEO
Eco Global Fuels
Sydney- New York City

Mr. Roger Green, a New Zealander, is an international businessman based in New York and Sydney Australia and has been active in the promotion of the Eco Global Fuels   Technology worldwide.

In 2008, he founded and is the principle investor in Eco Global Fuels (USA and Australia), which is moving forward this unique technology that will produce commercially viable renewable transportation fuels like ethanol, without using food, based on sequestering CO2, utilizing a unique catalyst along with  production of the worlds cheapest hydrogen via its intellectual property "hydroxy generators". This invention was independently validated in 2011 and is now raising finance to build its demonstration prototype.

Mr Green has been active for over 25 years in environmental, eco-design and emerging green energy initiatives around the world. He is the founder, director and active principal in the Breakthru-Technologies Company, which has sponsored several international conferences and is financing many innovative inventions. He is also CEO of Quantum Resonance Technologies, an R and D company specializing in state of the art designs utilizing  LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) for desalination and electrical generation.

His company E Cat Australia PTY LTD holds several LENR "E cat"  licenses in the South East Asia and Australasia regions, including South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore.  A JV partnership was formed with  E cat Africa (all of the African continent) and a JV partnership with E cat South Asia PTY LTD, which holds the exclusive E cat licenses for India and Pakistan.

In addition, Mr. Green is an expert in modern day natural healing incorporating both eastern and western themes through his work as Director of The Academy Healing Nutrition and is passionate about creating a more humane system of health care.