Number One Method of Sequestering

A by-product of our production system is iron oxide, which is used in CO2 sequestering using ALGAE. Sometimes used as OCEAN FERTILZATION, where algae is grown in the ocean, absorbing CO2 and releasing O2. Our method would be LAND BASED ALAGE PRODUCTION, as the logistics are much easier.

Algae is 80% of the food chain, improves fish stocks and marine life. We have an excess of iron oxide, a by-product and free to be utilized in this process, making it completely economical. Algae production is the most cost effective method of CO2 sequestering and we have proven we can sequester up to 130 %. From the algae we produce Bio-Char, which keeps the Carbon in the ground and increases agricultural yields.

What is land based Algae production?

This is the process of distributing iron oxide into land-based chambers of algae, which encourages the growth of algae, which sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere. The good news is we have free iron oxide from our hydroxyl electrolysis process, for example: equivalent to the level necessary to sequester all the CO2 produced by a 60 MW turbine, as well as 100% more from the atmosphere, producing an overall 130 % sequestering from the whole approach. The algae are converted into Bio-Char, which keeps the carbon on the ground and increases dramatically agricultural yields. Our whole process has been overseen from experts who are totally in agreement that this is achievable.

EGF is A MAJOR Green House Emissions Reducer

The new era in environmentally sustainable energy production:

  • Because we produce pure oxygen as a by-product of our hydrogen production from water- this oxygen is utilized for the production of a pure concentrated CO2 stream- and when combined with Hydrogen produces solanol fuels.
  • We can utilize our by-product iron to propagate the growth of algae to complete this sequestering of the atmospheric CO2
  • We can produce pure carbon black products, from the CO2 given off at night by the growth of algae.