EGF invests heavily into the E cat LENR technology

The concept of LENR "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions" aka Cold Fusion  has been studied for several decades, and has now finally taken its leap into reality with the release of the E-Cat Technology (Energy Catalyzer).

The energy source is nano nickel and hydrogen and the energy density is a factor of 100,000 or more compared to the combustion processes of today's fossil fuels. The COP is 6: 1, which is unheard of with current technology. LENR conforms to all known science. One barrow of nickel placed into the E-cat technology of LENR, is the equivalent energy release of a super tanker of fossil fuel!

This is a game changer. The E-cat produces energy with very low inputs. It is much cheaper per megawatt hour that anything else on the market. E-cat technology provides a truly clean and green source of energy without radioactive byproducts and no carbon emissions. E-cat has already earned the reputation of being the ultimate "green" machine

The e cat produces steam and then electricity using know bolt on technologies. Combined with the EFG system, we can produce renewable transport fuels like ethanol, and sequester over 100 % of CO2 in this process.

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Download the one page ex summary on the Ecat below

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