EGF to Present at Breakthru 2009

Eco Global Fuels USA, LLC, has announced it will be presenting at the upcoming Breakthru Technologies conference in Calgary, Canada from November 21 - 23, 2009.

The conference is designed to bring together some of the world’s leading scientists on the cutting edge of fractal field technologies. It is intended to drive innovations in agriculture, technology, energy systems, sustainability, health, and education.

The Breakthru-Technologies Conference is dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of the planet and self-empowerment. Guests will have the opportunity to actively contribute through group sessions, along with a series of post-conference workshops and discussion panels.

Exhibition booths and displays will be available. An informal gathering will be held Saturday evening, featuring entertainment and additional presentations.

Finally, an additional think tank retreat will be held on the Tuesday and Wednesday following the conference.


Presentation Topics Include:

  • Revolutionizing water treatment and agricultural water use
  • Creating a high-level repair of our ecosystem
  • Long wave magnetic line alignment and fractality for atmosphere maintenance
  • Bringing phase conjugate dielectric field development to deserts and third world communities
  • Hydrogenation as energy production that eliminates all greenhouse gases
  • Increasing agricultural growth rates by 50-300% via bioactive electric field harmonics
  • Extending life with electric field technologies
  • Emerging technologies that will revolutionize transportation
  • Increasing soil health and agricultural yields naturally with low-cost technology
  • And much, much, much more

A brilliant international team of cutting-edge scientists will attend, including:

  • World leaders in designing bio-active field technologies
  • Original inventors and researchers of phase conjugate magnetics technologies
  • Original researchers of Hydroxy “Brown’s Gas”

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