Independent Validation Report Started

The Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences at Macquarie University of Australia have agreed to perform our independent validation of our hydroxy gas generators.  We hope this to be another proof of concept that highlights the breakthru capabilities of our technology.


  • To assess the performance, in terms of hydroxy gas generation rate per kWh of DC power
  • applied to the Hydrotech EGEL’s hydroxy generator (HEHG).
  • To assess the reliability, in terms of stability of the HEHG over the trial period of 34 days.
  • To determine the mass of material lost from the HEHG’s electrolytic cells at the conclusion of
  • the trial period.
  • To determine the composition of the HEHG’s hydroxy gas output at the completion of the 34
  • day trial in terms of vol % hydrogen, oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, nitric oxides and
  • aerosolised sodium hydroxide.
  • To determine the amount of iron, chromium and carbon introduced into the HEHG’s
  • electrolyte at the conclusion of the 34 day trial.

We will post it up in the documents section as soon as its available... stay tuned...

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