The Super Imploder Launches

EGF predicts by using the 'Super Imploder' as a pre conditioning effect on the water used in its hydrogenation process, an even greater efficiency will be produced in the production of hydrogen, oxygen and Solanol products.

The much anticipated Super Imploder Device (shown in image) has launched and with it a new website. The all new "Super-Imploder" is a truly PHASE CONJUGATE Magnetic water treatment device - of Breakthru Flex Density - all flux lines now center focused for maximum impact on the water molecules.

In addition to the extensive reseach completed and underway with The Imploder technology, they present consistent international general research showing that in general MAGNETIC WATER TREATMENT- for agriculture and for home use (even descaling and more)- is WIDELY PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE.

The SuperImploder- at 3000 gauss! per magnet - over the large surface area of 8 coherently directed magnets conjugating right into the water flow- IS THE WORLDS MOST POWERFUL MAGNETIC WATER TREATMENT DEVICE.

Check out their new website to find more information and purchase.