About Eco Global

A Visionary energy  & technology company

Producing economical green hydrogen, we are competitive without any associated carbon & waste emissions. We have spent over 10 years building, testing & validating the design of our Hydroxy Generators – harnessing the hydrogen component of water through a unique process of electrolysis.


To supplement the transportation fuel market with hydrogen, integrate our technology with green steel, cement and ammonia manufacturing and other industries, be a major CO2 sequestering company that can clean coal and mining and develop a revolutionary process of waste management.

Our continued mission is to assist industries and governments to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse & toxic emissions via a cost efficient model that leverages the emerging green hydrogen infrastructure.

Brief Overview

We produce HYDROGEN at competitive pricing.  With a foundation of many years of research, Eco Global has harnessed the hydrogen component of water through a unique, economical and patented process of electrolysis, called the Hydroxy Generator, which can be powered by any renewable energy source.

Standard electrolysis has not changed since it was discovered over 150 years ago. The ‘Hydroxy Generators’ is a different process of separating the hydrogen and oxygen from water by making a mixture of gas – called hydroxy. The generator design involves a series of plate cells within a tube casing. Water enters one end and hydroxy gas leaves the other end. The electrical input can be from any renewable source such as solar or from grid power. The key benefits of the generators are their low cost of manufacturing and extensive durability – they last over 15 years, as compared to conventional electrolysis units lasting only 4-8 years.


Production is financially viable because it is economically scalable, has low maintenance costs, does not use internal diaphragms, has reliable cell units made from low cost materials that are durable and long lasting (15 plus years)– along with a patented electrolyte, producing even more durability. It costs less than conventional electrolysis to scale to large quantities of hydrogen production.


Utilizing breakthrough technology we efficiently produce high temperatures up to 3,000 degrees Celsius, utlilizing our Hydroxy-Tungsten reaction tubes. We achieve airless combustion and thermal degradation of hydrocarbons, decomposition of all molecules, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, noxious gases and dioxin. Preliminary testing has proven our methodology using the hydroxy/tungsten rotary polarizing kiln totally eliminates tyres, municipal, rural and medical waste products. The power input can also be from waste energy from the polarized airless combustion and any surplus can be added to the grid.


Currently coal and gas fired power stations have an inherent environmental impediment, that being carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, with the cost of sequestering being a major technical-cost-deficit problem. Eco Global’s revolutionary system captures and processes CO2, by breaking the bond of CO2 producing carbon and oxygen. No fumes escape into the atmosphere or polluting emissions. By integrating Hydroxy Generators into the coal or gas burn, we lower emissions to zero. Our refitted system produces additional outputs and revenue such as carbon black, methanol, nitrous oxide, oxygen and any surplus hydrogen, at the same time the generation of clean green electricity.
BUSINESS PROBLEM AND OPPORTUNITY Reserves of fossil fuels are finite and create a range of problems, including pollution and global warming. Governments have demanded renewables be introduced urgently into the market place. There is a strong emerging hydrogen infrastructure for transportation, and industries such as steel, cement and ammonia are looking for economical green hydrogen inputs. No one else has been able to demonstrate what we can achieved economically and there are many advantages to adapting to the Eco Global technology. We are looking for equity partners who have the vision to see and realize our unique potential in a trillion-dollar marketplace.