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 What is to be done
with humanities waste?
…it is a dilemma!







Nitrous Oxide 

Sulfur Dioxide 

Particulate Matter



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The Problem

Whether Buried in the ground, or traditionally incinerated, humanities Waste is a long standing challenge

It comprises tens of thousands of different chemicals

Example: An analysis of a USA New Jersey incinerator showed the following results, based on 2250 tons of trash daily – the annual emissions would be: 5 tons of lead, 17 tons of mercury, 580 pounds of cadmium, 2248 tons of nitrous oxide, 853 tons of sulfur dioxide, 777 tons of hydrogen chloride, 87 tons of sulfuric acid, 18 tons of fluorides, and 98 tons of particular matter small enough to lodge permanently in the lungs, large amounts of the pollutant dioxin, and carbon emissions. And thats just one incinerator in one area of the State of New Jersey, the global calculations are staggering.

Example: Municipal waste buried in landfills in the just United States averages about 260 million tons annually. Globally, that number is projected to become 3.4 billion metric tons of municipal waste annually by 2050!

The Eco Global Solution

We thoroughly break down waste utilizing our breakthrough technology where we efficiently produce high temperature of 3,000 degrees Celsius:

Airless combustion and thermal degradation of hydrocarbons, decomposition of all molecules, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, Noxious Gases, and Dioxin. With our patented designed chamber providing hydroxy gas burning at 3,000 degrees Celsius, we transform all waste/garbage/plastics.  No pollution or toxins are produced in our closed controlled environment.

Utilizing high temperatures, and an oxygen starved environment, with our patented design rotary polarizing kiln

  • Using hydroxy generators heat
  • Produces the total degradation of molecules
  • Complete carbon neutral combustion of all hydrocarbons
  • Complete degradation of noxious gases
  • Unique designed tungsten tube afterburner
  • Independent analysis report is available


    Our unique technology can provide waste management a cost-effective method to burn all type of polymers, dramatically reducing use of landfills. This is a new type of technology of burning waste without air, that is “thermal degradation”, achieved in very high temperatures and is therefore able to break the molecular bonds of the polymers. The figures provided in this report from the local council (available), prove that we can burn all waste without air, and that the return on investment for around 300,000 tonnes of plastics per year is around two years.  Our technology is not incineration in traditional terms, it is the thermal degradation “breaking apart” of all polymers, utilizing temperatures up to 3,000 degrees and breaking these polymers into their original elements. These elements are: Carbon, Oxygen, Chlorine and Sulphur. The commercialization of this technology can be a game changer in the waste management and the recycling industry.

    Our patented tungsten reaction tubes + hydroxy gas + Polarized Waste Material

    This reduces the CO2 level from 17.2% mix of tires and garbage to 0.1 percent equating to 96% reduction of Carbon Dioxide(CO2). Carbon Monoxide (CO) was also reduce to 0.04 percent.  The combination of hydroxy gas and hydrocarbons produce a total combustion, the technology is not incineration in the traditional term.  It is the thermal degradation “breaking apart” of all polymers causing reduced carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and at same time, producing carbon, oxygen with high volumes of hydrogen as a by-product. This technology, once scaled up, will reduce dramatically the use of landfills. A win win for you, me, towns, cities, and the planet.

    Uniquely Integrative

    Eco Global’s technology can be customized and retrofitted to existing, and new waste to energy plants. Our unique process of combustion up to 3000 degrees allows us to safely control the transformation of waste products into useful elements. The technology is also applicable to coal fired power stations, allowing all airborne exhaust fumes from chimney stacks to be captured, processed and reused. We aim to incorporate our unique and patented technology into a range of polluting industries.


    • Thermal degradation “breaking apart” of all polymers
    • Utilizing temperatures up to 3,000 degrees
    • Patented Rotary Polarizing Kiln
    • Patented Hydroxy-Tungsten Reaction Tubes
    • Analysis report completed with data available