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Executive Summary

Eco Global Energy PTY LTD (Eco Global / EG) is currently a research and development company focused on verification, replication and market entry of our renewable green hydrogen process, clean coal and sequestering carbon systems, and waste management technology. Over the last 10 years we financially supported research that has allowed us to develop a patented technology that brings together many aspects that are need in todays urgent approach to reducing CO2, rolling out a clean energy infrastructure, dealing with urban waste and economically producing green hydrogen.

Our technology is designed to work in partnership with industries requiring green hydrogen, such as steel, cement and ammonia production, solar farms and other renewables requiring ‘storage’ and ultimately can be used in sequestering carbon, produce clean coal and used in urban waste management. We have also researched unique ways to ‘store hydrogen’ that is safe to transport and deliver to the market place.

We are an energy company with a visionary concept. We have spent over 10 years perfecting the design of our revolutionary new green hydrogen system referred to as the HYDROXY GENERATORS– which produce hydrogen using renewable energy at competitive costs and without any associated carbon emissions.

What is our unique technology? We have harnessed the hydrogen component of water through a unique process of electrolysis. Patented, lower maintenance, much cheaper manufacturing, scalable, validated and economic are the key features.

How does the Hydroxy generators work? Water enters one end and hydroxy gas leaves the other end. The electrical input can be from any renewable source such as solar etc. or from the conventional grid. No exotic expensive materials are used. Patented protective electrolyte coats the cells adding to life span. Hydroxy is the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas that comes out of the generators. It separates the water from H2O to HHO which makes the hydrogen available and has the unique qualities when you burn. It reaches high temperatures hence can be used for waste management, clean coal and sequestering. The Hydrogen is easily separated from oxygen using membrane technology, molecular sieves or cryogenics.

In a nutshell, Eco Global’s patented Hydroxy Generators is the easiest way and most economical to get large quantities of hydrogen needed for our emerging green industries.

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  • Producer of Green Hydrogen (renewable carbon neutral), waste management and carbon neutral coal – reducer of CO2 and sequestering.
  • Independent validation completed
  • Sydney Macquarie University held over 6 months of testing, Data of 240 liters per KWH with degradation and hydroxyl rates measured.
  • Eco Global has produced documents based on the validation from this independent report.

Current development stage

  • Scale up to a working prototype
  • Capital required: A$2 Million.

Investment opportunity

Equity: Common shares available with min. investment $A5000
Use of funds: Construct a combined 8 Hydroxy Generators prototype producing hydrogen, oxygen and hydroxy gas. Safety and government protocols are also completed.

This is a template for construction of all green hydrogen refineries worldwide and a working final proof of concept that can be witnessed by governments and industries.

  • Eco Global enters into JV’s and licensing agreements producing a ROI for our investors
  • Registered unlisted Private company in Sydney Australia
  • Over 150 small investors
  • Common shares available
  • Patents achieved
  • R&D tax concession approved
  • Export grant approval
  • Small prototype built and tested
  • Management and consultant team in place

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