Advanced Solutions

Key Features


Clean, safe, and efficient production of Hydroxy, Hydrogen, & Oxygen

Cleaner and Greener Electricity, Energy, and fuels
Reduction of Garbage & Polymers thru Clean and efficient waste to energy

Hydrogen is the building blocks of many chemicals, fuels, and industrial processes.

Hydroxy, Hydrogen, Oxygen, & Derivatives can be used extensively in a diverse array of areas.

Storage of solar power via hydrogen production

Rather than expensive battery banks, use your excess solar power to run our Hydroxy Generators creating Hydroxy and Hydrogen, used for your power generation when Solar input is low/zero, or you sell the fuels.

New Hydrogen Economy and Infrastructure

Hydrogen fits right into existing supply lines and market segments.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Producing Electricity

Everything from electric cars, to mobile phone chargers, robots, and more could use Hydrogen fuel cells to cleanly & reliably be powered, without the need of expensive batteries.

Transportation systems

All manner of transport benefits from cheap abundant clean energy.

Carbon-neutral power stations

Existing energy infrastructure such as Coal can be made clean by burning it with Hydroxy high heat, yes Clean Coal is a reality that can be harnessed now, as we build out new energy production means, and only retired once truly outmoded.

Chemical production


Mining and mineral ore separation

Vacuum technology, utilizing the implosion effect

Metal production utilizing hydroxy high heat

Manufacturing steel, aluminium, and other metals requires a lot of heat, hydroxy provides reduced cost and increased safety.

Green oxygen as a by-product

Waste management

  • the thermal degradation “breaking apart” of all polymers,
  • utilizing temperatures up to 3,000 degrees
  • Patented rotary polarizing kiln
  • Analysis report completed with data available

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