Eco Global

Clean Coal

Creating clean coal burn with no emissions

A “right now” win/win solution

benefiting environment & economy

The Problem

Much of the worlds carbon pollution comes from coal/gas-fired power plants.

6 billion tonnes of fossil carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere annually in the USA alone.

Existing carbon-based industries seek to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and maintain profitable, beneficial businesses.

Currently international coal and gas fired power stations have an inherent environmental impediment, that being the 19 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide in emitted into the atmosphere annually.

The cost of removing this carbon dioxide component vented from the flu gases is a major technical-cost-deficit problem.

The Eco Global Solution

Creating clean coal burn with no emissions

By integrating our Hydroxy generators into the coal or gas burn, we can drastically lower emissions (to zero) and create cheaper cleaner electricity.

Our refitted system can also produce additional outputs and revenue such as carbon black, methanol and the production of clean green electricity.

Generating green electrical power in a coal fired power station using the above criteria eliminates all toxic, all hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide emissions, and with the control of the output of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide with hydrogen as syngas for manufacture of methanol sequestering the carbon dioxide output.