Hydroxy Generators

With a foundation of decades of research, we have harnessed the hydrogen component of water through a unique, economic and patentable process of electrolysis, which we call The ‘Hydroxy Generators’.

Our Generators are economical to manufacture because they are made from very economical materials, along with a robust simple design. This unique technology represents the underlying thrust to all of our processes, from making cheap Hydrogen and Oxygen available, to producing Solanol, mineral ore separation for the mining industry and providing the cheapest purest oxygen to the gas/coal industries -a win-win for all.

Unlike all of our competitor’s designs and ‘old methods’, our Hydroxy Generators are made of cheap robust materials, which mean they can be scaled up to any large refinery size, the minimum refinery being 8.2 MW for a reasonable ROI.
They are powered by renewable sources of energy such as solar and geothermal, which over the past few years, have dramatically decreased in cost and become more and more efficient, making the whole process economically feasible.

The World’s First

  • Unique IP
  • Patentable (passed patent attorney search $12,000)
  • Ultra reliable
  • Low cost to manufacture
  • Cheapest hydrogen in the world!
  • Durable, robust, safe
  • 25-year life span!
  • Similar life span to solar panels
  • External separation (as with competition unreliable internal separation / old methods)
  • No exotic expensive materials (as with competition)
  • Low maintenance- no obstruction (as with competition)
  • Scalable, economically achievable (unlike competition)
  • FLOW RATE PROVEN independently tested  
  • 170 Litres/ KW hour hydrogen production!

Validation Sign Off Report

Sydney University report
Over 6 months testing
Independent validation
Flow rate of 170 Litres / KW hr