Combining the Cheapest, Cleanest Hydrogen Production in the World with Our Unique Catalyst & Process, We Create Renewable Transport Fuels

Eco Global Fuels is at the leading edge in the production of renewable carbon neutral fuels such as Ethanol. With a foundation of decades of research, EGF has harnessed the hydrogen component of water through a unique, economical and patentable process of electrolysis, which can be powered by any renewable energy source such as solar, geothermal, wind/wave, and in the near future with such technology as the E cat cold fusion.

It can also be powered by the clean use of gas turbines and off-peak electricity. Carbon dioxide emitted by gas fields, coal power stations and gas turbines is combined with our cost effective renewable hydrogen and our unique catalysis, to produce Ethanol, Butanol and other transportation fuels at competitive wholesale market prices. It is distributed using existing delivery infrastructure. No other process in the world is able to take renewable or off peak electricity, combine it with hydrogen and CO2, and produce ETHANOL at remarkable ROI

Over 100% Sequestration.
A unique benefit from the EGF fuels process is major CO2 sequestration, through use of our by-product iron, which accelerates algae growth.  We then convert the algae into bio-char, replacing carbon into the soil, radically increasing agricultural yields and rebalancing poor soil. Adding the CO2 used in the Ethanol manufacturing process with the iron, the sequestering is calculated to be over 100% - no other technology can achieve this.

Eco Global Solanol production is financially viable because it is economically scalable, is less than half the cost of conventional electrolysis, has very low maintenance costs, does not use diaphragms which clog and need constant replacement, does not use food resources and has reliable cell units made from low cost materials that are durable lasting for approx. 20 years - all of which has been independently validated by trials and testing at a Sydney based University at a cost of $100,000.
We are ready for our next stage of development, and looking for equity partners who have the vision to see and realize our unique potential in a trillion dollar marketplace.

Eco Global Fuels (EGF) provides solutions to two key energy problems:  The need for renewable carbon-neutral transport fuels (without using food) and Sequestering waste CO2

Our technologies can be used for...

  • Producing renewable Hydrogen, Ethanol, Butanol, oxygen
  • Sequestering Co2
  • Other major industrial uses: tar sands, mining, ammonia production, agricultural via by product bio char and algae
  • Huge social, economical and environmental benefits
  • Independent third party validated
  • Flexible scale up, bolts onto several energy sources, easily constructed
  • Bottomline - Return on Investment is above average upwards of 20 %-40 %

BIG NEWS Third party independent report validates Ecat technology

32 days of non stop testing by six well qualified scientist
E cat reactor reaches 1400 Celcius

Andrea Rossi's Ecat cold fusion reactor (that fuses nickel and hydrogen into copper) recently verified by third-party researchers.

Independent Validation - Commentary By Martin Armitage-Smith and Roger Green
Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline!
What has happened? Learn more with this cometary.

Download The Lugano Report pdf (3.45 MB)

More Proof of The Power To Create Renewable Carbon Neutral Energy

The independent validation report, gives you proof of concept and our due diligence in bringing this unique technology to the forefront. We are producing the most economical hydrogen and oxygen, which leads to the production of renewable carbon neutral transport fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, along with many other applications that truly makes EGF a game changer.