Europe has been responsible for the biggest amount of investments in renewables

Europe was responsible for the biggest amount of investments in renewables, accounting for $166.2 billion in 2020, but to achieve the new 2030 targets and increase renewables share in the energy mix by 40%, a higher investment will be needed as well as better cooperation with member states to simplify rules and procedures for projects permitting.

The Green Hydrogen for Scotland project is ready in 2 years. It will help ensure zero emission fuel is readily available to organisations as they transition to net zero. It supports the large scale transformation needed to replace heavy diesel vehicles with cleaner, greener alternatives.

Industry is already using large quantities of hydrogen, but this mainly produced from natural gas. Replacement with green hydrogen contributes significantly to the decarbonisation of the industry. This project envisages the construction of very significant wind farms in the North Sea, which can gradually grow to a capacity of about 10 gigawatts. This would be sufficient to meet the current electricity consumption of some 12.5 million Dutch households.

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